Programs for Women

The women in the BOS shelter become homeless for a variety of reasons. Some are victims of domestic violence; others struggle with substance abuse problems, health or mental health issues, or have become unemployed. Many are experiencing a combination of these factors. There is also evidence to show that victims of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse in childhood comprise a high rate of the homeless population. Most of the women have limited formal education and job skills. BOS offers support that is tailored to the specific needs of each individual. All services are designed to help the residents regain housing and achieve a greater level of independence and self sufficiency. Services for women include:

Programs for Children

Most of the women in our shelter have young children who are innocent victims in the crises that have left their family without a home. Often these children have been without a stable residence for most of their lives and those of school age have a history of poor school attendance and academic performance. Attendance for school-aged children is mandatory in our program, and experience has shown that they need extra academic support to be successful. Programs for children include:

Supportive Housing

Many residents need additional support after leaving the shelter. The BOS supportive housing program combines independent living with intensive counseling and mentoring that encourages growth to achieve goals of financial stability and allows prior shelter residents time to address outstanding issues that can be barriers to long-term success.