Services for Women

Jobs Emphasis

Summer 2016-2

Our employment specialist conducts an assessment to determine the resident’s level of education, job skills and work history. Residents are assisted in preparing resumes, conducting job searches and scheduling interviews. Referrals are made to educational and job training programs in Baltimore City.

Culinary Arts Training

Culinary arts training is an eight-week program taught on site by Chef Connie Crabtree. Each week is composed of basic cooking and kitchen skills in addition to classroom instruction. The curriculum focuses on teaching the basic skills and terms needed for employment in a commercial kitchen at the level of beginning prep cook. The Sanitation and Food Safety Certification Program is incorporated into the curriculum. Students intern off-site two days a week at local restaurants throughout the Baltimore metropolitan area as part of their training.

Case Management

One of our Case Managers completes an in-depth housing assessment with each resident and develops a plan with her to move forward. Referrals to programs of income maintenance, jobs, health and mental health services, GED classes and appropriate housing resources are made. Regular meetings with the caseworker are incorporated into our program.

Substance Abuse Treatment

Since active addiction is a major barrier to clients obtaining and keeping housing, drug testing is completed at intake and when necessary thereafter. If a resident tests positive, she must attend three NA/AA meetings each week. There are four meetings held weekly on site. Residents must provide documentation of meeting attendance. If residents do not stay clean with this level of treatment, intensive day treatment programs are mandated. If day treatment programs are not successful, inpatient treatment is sought.

Adult Mental Health Therapist

We meet the mental health needs of our residents by providing therapeutic services with a licensed clinical social worker.  Having a social worker on site reduces the barriers to treatment and helps residents get the help they need.

Life Skills Classes

Mandatory educational seminars are held one day each week. These programs include parenting skills, stress management, conflict resolution, budgeting, financial planning, and communication skills.

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